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January 21st, 2014

beware of &

I just got an unusual email from

At first it doesn’t seem unusual, he says he’s from, a division of

he started off saying:

I’m contacting you to discuss a possible partnership between CodeFuel and your company.

CodeFuel offers a free software monetization service, including:

* Search Monetization: Get paid per user with our SearchFuel solutions.
* Smart Installer: Monetize software with the InstallFuel recommendation engine.
* Advanced Analytics: Analyze data, traffic & boost revenues with our Control Center.

Yep, it all sounds vague, yet interesting enough to get a software developer interested in getting money for software.

Hovering my mouse over some of the links in the email shows that the links point to a portal.

In this day and age, it pays to be suspicious, and since the only address I recognise is (from my experience in helping customers with computers bogged down with junk software (ie its not virus/spyware/malware, but it gets in the way of using the computer the way it should be used), I know that conduit should be avoided at almost any cost.

So rather than click on any links, I decide to go directly to and

at, I see mention of software like:

and various other junk software.

So now I know for sure:

Stay away from and

As far as I’m concerned, based on all the negative experience I (and many of my customers) have had with incredimail alone, I know that this leopard might have changed its spots, but its still something you should stay well away from.

You have been warned!


By Luigi Martin
Category: Hints