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March 21st, 2013

Manually restoring corrupt windows 7 registry files

Its happened twice that I’ve received a non-starting windows 7 PC, only to find no hardware problem, and it quickly becomes obvious that the windows 7 registry has become corrupt, and windows 7 recovery is not smart enough to restore the registry.

And in typical Microsoft style, system restore also fails to work.

But I’m used to doing this in XP, where the registry backups are stored in C:\System Volume Information, and its a simple matter to copy and rename the 5 registry files back to c:\windows\system32\config

But Microsoft (in their typical “change for the sake of change” attitude) have decided to move it somewhere else.

I found some mention of a single copy of the registry files in c:\windows\system32\config\RegBack

But that doesn’t help if the backup also gets corrupted.

So far, I’ve been lucky that the copy in the RegBack folder has managed to fix the system… but its a concern to go from automatic multiple registry backups (with windows XP), to a single backup with windows Vista, Windows 7, and presumably Windows 8 )… A decrease in reliability, for no noticeable benefit.


By Luigi Martin
Category: Technical