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February 6th, 2013

Acer cashback offer is really not worth it

About 6 years ago, I took advantage of a laptop cashback offer.

After about 1 month, I got a cheque in the mail, and I was happy camper.

About 3 months ago, I had the need to make use of an Acer cashback offer for a laptop.

I assumed that it would be a similar process… but no, it was worse.

Obviously, the 3 month delay is the first problem… Particularly when these offers seem to have restrictions like “offer must be completed by “this” date, and offer must be complete “X” days after purchase…

Then, instead of getting a cheque, I get an EFTPOS card

So, looking at the info I was sent, I can see further restrictions:

So now I’m looking at finding a way to spend all the money on the card, and not leave a few dollars.

I can try the cashout option (but it might not work)

Or the only other alternative is to buy over $49 at the supermarket (The card value is $49), and pay the first $49 from the card, and the remainder in cash.

And the sad thing is this: Acer do not operate the cashback system themselves… the use GiftCardPlanet… who charge Acer: $5.95 postage, $4.95 production fee per card, and a 2% credit card surcharge on the value of the card…

That could mean that my $49 gift card actually costs Acer $60.88

So, let me get this straight: Rather than hire a real person to administer the cashback program, an use cheques, such that a $49 might end up costing acer, say, $55 per $49 cashback, they choose to spend over $60 per $49 cashback offer.. with the extra money going to a “card” company, rather than put that extra money into the “my” pocket. And then make it more difficult for me to actually get the full cashback.

I must say: I really cant be bothered with all this crap… From now on, when I see a cashback offer, I’ll look for the actual cost, and compare actual costs, and just pretend the cashback offer doesn’t exist.


By Luigi Martin
Category: Rant, Review

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