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November 5th, 2012

Adobe Premiere: this installation package is not supported by this processor type

I installed a digital TV card into an XP PC (core 2 quad CPU, and good video card), and the owner also wanted me to install Adobe Premiere Elements 10 (he had the previous version, but wanted the new version).

I thought: it shouldn’t be too hard, but given that the customer had installed the previous version, then he might have come across a strange problem with installing version 10.

Sure enough, as soon as I insert the CD and run through the automated install process I get the error:

This installation package is not supported by this processor type

Hmmm, is it complaining about the core2 quad CPU? Its a Q9650 (12MB cache!), so a very quick CPU back in 2008… and still very quick in 2012.

At first, I thought that Premiere was incorrectly trying to install the 64-bit version… but after looking over the CD, it became obvious that the CD ONLY had the 64-bit version of Premiere… no 32-bit version available!

Oddly, I was able to find the 32bit version of Adobe Premiere 10 on the internet… I downloaded it, then did the install, entered the serial key, and then it installed correctly.


By Luigi Martin
Category: Technical

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