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March 29th, 2012

Finding the Right ERP Software Solution

In the world of business IT, it doesn’t take long for things to become incredibly complicated. As businesses grow, masses of data can become clogged up between departments, this results in needless, unproductive administration between staff. Many businesses have turned to cloud based or SaaS (software as service) systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) to combat this.

ERP systems work by giving each department within a business access to a common database. The departments access this database through customisable modules that have a similar appearance; this makes all electronic data within the company easily accessible; saving time when it comes to chores such as report building and scheduling. There are, however, a few key points that any business must consider when implementing an ERP system.


ERP software can be quite expensive but there are options for companies on a budget. Many vendors offer a monthly subscription to their services, essentially breaking the cost up into manageable chunks.


Modern ERP software will not run on out-dated systems so any business considering it must have the technological infrastructure in place to deal with it. As with most pieces of software check the minimum requirements before purchase but also be aware that this software updates regularly so make sure your tech is more than capable.


All ERP systems, though relatively easy to use, are different; there is no guarantee that staff who have had experience with ERP software in the past will be able to jump straight into any given system. Many ERP vendors will offer training as an optional extra but it may be useful to see if your staff have any experience of systems prior to joining you company and if they are capable of training others on a similar set-up.


What do you need your ERP system to do? Many are designed for specific types of business and implementing the wrong type of ERP software can be an expensive disaster. Have the appropriate questions ready for any ERP vendor you approach.

Vendor Support

Ask your vendor what their policy is on the following: How much updates cost? What support is available in the event of bugs or crashes? Are monthly payments are likely to increase if you are on a subscription service?

If you can get satisfactory answers to these questions you will know if you have a suitable vendor.


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