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July 6th, 2009

get feedburner to show your full RSS feed.

For a long time now, my blogs RSS feed would generate a summary (the first 200 characters), rather than the full article/post.

I decided to change the feed, so that it would generate the entire article/post.

I also use feedburner to “redistribute” my feed (feedburner republishes blogs RSS feed, and adds extra utilities like email feeds, etc)

So I thought all I had to do was change wordpress thus: settings -> reading -> full text

But feedburner was still outputting a summary… not the full post.

At first it wasn’t obvious what was truncating the RSS feeds, but it soon became obvious it was feedburner.

I eventually found that all I had to do was change where feedburner was reading the RSS feed from… ie:

Within feedburner: click “Edit Feed Details”

then change “original feed” from something like:

to something like:



By Luigi Martin
Category: Technical